Features & Highlights

DSAA'2015 will feature

  • 31 main track Long presentations (acceptance rate 9%) and 50 main track Short presentations (acceptance rate 14.7%)

  • 4 keynote speeches to be delivered by prestigious academic and industry leaders,

  • 6 invited prestigious speakers about the trends and controversies of data science and big data analytics,

  • 7 special sessions on emerging interesting data science and analytics topics, consisting of 43 special session presentations

  • the Application track, an invited industry talks session and exhibitions to highlight the best practices and industry applications, and

  • a panel jointly held with IEEE Big Data Initiative will include high profile panelists from data science, big data, computational intelligence, data mining, machine learning, statistics etc.

  • 20 sponsors including three platinum sponsors.

Technical Sessions

DSAA'2015 consists of the following main and special session tracks:

  • Research Track

  • Applications Track

  • Invited Industry Talks session

  • Tutorials

  • Special Session on Trends & Controversies in Data Science (TCDS, by invitation only)

  • Special Session on Big Behavioral Data Analytics (BBDA)

  • Special Session on Big Data, Distributed Technologies and Intelligent Agents (BDIA)

  • Special Session on Bioinformatics, Health and Medical Analytics (BHMA)

  • Special Session on Data Oriented Constructive Mining and Multi-Agent Simulation (DOCMAS)

  • Special session on Emotion and Sentiment in Intelligent Systems and Big Social Data Analysis (SentISData)

  • Special Session on Environmental and Geo-spatial Data Analytics (EnGeoData)

  • Special Session on Exploratory Computing (EC)

  • Special Session on Statistical and Mathematical Tools for Data Science (SMTDS)

  • Exhibitions

IEEE DSAA’2015 proceedings appeared in IEEE Xplore and DBLP.
IEEE DSAA’2015 Best Paper Awards – USD$500 each award!
DSAA’2015 Service Award
DSAA job match program is open.
New on Invited Industry Talks session.
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