DSAA’2015 Program

  • SiRi holds for Session i, Room i
  • SS for Special Session presentation for 15 minutes
  • (L) for Long Presentation for 20 minutes
  • (S) for Short Presentation for 15 minutes
Monday 19th Oct 2015
8:00-9:00 Registration and Opening Ceremony
9:00-10:00 Keynote Speech (1) - Toward personal knowledge bases
Serge Abiteboul, INRIA & ENS Cachan
10:00-10:20 Coffee Break
10:20-11:20 Parallel Sessions
S1R1 Timeseries and Sequences 1

10:20 Matrix Factorization Approach to Behavioral Mode Analysis from Acceleration Data (L)
Yehezkel S. Resheff

10:40 Random-shapelet : An Algorithm for Fast Shapelet Discovery (L)
Xavier Renard, Maria Rifqi, Walid Erray and Marcin Detyniecki

11:00 On-line Detection of Continuous Changes in Stochastic Processes (L)
Kohei Miyaguchi and Kenji Yamanishi

S1R2 Classification 1

10:20 Multi-class Learning using Data Driven ECOC with Deep Search and Re-Balancing (L)
Nathalie Japkowicz, Vincent Barnabe-Lortie, Shawn Horvatic and Jie Zhou

10:40 Calibration of One Class SVM for MV-set Estimation (L)
Albert Thomas, Vincent Feuillard and Alexandre Gramfort

11:00 Improved Risk Predictions via Sparse Imputation of Patient Conditions in Electronic Medical Records (L) Budhaditya Saha, Sunil Kumar Gupta and Svetha Venkatesh

S1R3 SS - Bioinformatics, Health and Medical Analytics (BHMA) 1

10:20 Design of an NGS MicroRNA Predictor Using Multi-layer Hierarchical MapReduce Framework
Ren-Hao Pan, Lin-Yu Tseng, I-En Liao, Chien-Lung Chan, K. Robert Lai and Kai-Biao Lin

10:35 An Ensemble of Machine Learning and Anti-learning Methods for Predicting Tumour Patient Survival Rates
Chris Roadknight and Uwe Aickelin

10:50 Patient Classification based on Expanded Query using 5-gram Collocation and Binary Tree
Jaya Sil and Indrani Bhattacharya

11:05 Improved Approach for Protein Function Prediction by Exploiting Prominent Proteins
Satheesh Kumar and P. Krishna Reddy

11:20-12:20 Parallel Sessions
S2R1 Timeseries and Sequences 2

11:20 Duration Models for Activity Recognition and Prediction in Buildings using Hidden Markov Models (S)
Antonio Ridi, Nikos Zarkadis, Christophe Gisler and Jean Hennebert

11:35 Temporal Needleman Wunsch (S)
Haider Syed and Amar Das

11:50 Exploiting Big Data in Time Series Forecasting: A Cross-Sectional Approach (S)
Claudio Hartmann, Martin Hahmann, Frank Rosenthal and Wolfgang Lehner

12:05 Compression Rate Distance Measure for Time Series (S)
Vinh T. Vo and Duong Tuan Anh

S2R2: Classification 2

11:20 Label Noise (S)
Bryce Nicholson, Victor Sheng and Jing Zhang

11:35 Hierarchical Label Partitioning for Large Scale Classification (S)
Raphael Puget and Nicolas Baskiotis

11:50 Detecting Human Emotion via Speech Recognition by Using Speech Spectrogram (S)
Sathit Prasomphan

12:05 An Effective and Economic Bi-level Approach to Ranking and Rating Spam Detection (S)
Sihong Xie, Qingbo Hu, Jingyuan Zhang and Philip S Yu

S2R3 SS - Bioinformatics, Health and Medical Analytics (BHMA) 2

11:20 MIAT: A Novel Attribute Selection Approach to Better Predict Upper Gastrointestinal Cancer
Avi Rosenfeld

11:35 Modeling Heterogeneous Clinical Sequence Data in Semantic Space for Adverse Drug Event Detection
Aron Henriksson, Jing Zhao, Henrik Boström and Hercules Dalianis

11:50 A Data-driven Analytics Approach in the Study of Pneumonia's Fatalities
Maribel Yasmina Santos, António Carvalheira and Artur Teles de Araújo

12:05 Cascading Adverse Drug Event Detection in Electronic Health Records
Jing Zhao, Aron Henriksson and Henrik Bostrom

12:20-13:20 Lunch
13:20-14:20 Keynote Speech (2)- Towards Data-driven Models of Human Behavior
Nuria Oliver, Telefonica R&D
14:20 - 15:20 Parallel Sessions
S3R1 Clustering

14:20 Multi-Objective Clustering Ensemble for High-Dimensional Data based on Strength Pareto Evolutionary Algorithm (L)
Abdul Wahid, Xiaoying Gao and Peter Andreae

14:40 Spherical Wards Clustering and Generalized Voronoi Giagrams (S)
Marek Śmieja and Jacek Tabor

14:55 A New Consensus Function based on Dual-Similarity Measurements for Clustering Ensemble (S)
Tahani Alqurashi and Wenjia Wang

S3R2 Relational Learning

14:20 Relational Active Learning for Link-Based Classification (L)
Luke McDowell

14:40 Scalable Relational Learning for Large Heterogeneous Networks (S)
Ryan Rossi and Rong Zhou

14:55 Integrating Spatial Information into Probabilistic Relational Models (S)
Rajani Chulyadyo and Philippe Leray

S3:R3 SS Bioinformatics, Health and Medical Analytics (BHMA) followed by SS Big Behavioral Data Analytics 1 (BBDA)

14:20 Characterizing Chronic Disease and Polymedication Prescription Patterns from Electronic Health Records
Martí Zamora, Manel Baradad, Ester Amado, Sílvia Cordomí, Esther Limón, Juliana Ribera, Marta Arias and Ricard Gavaldà

14:35 Ensemble of Deep Long Short Term Memory Networks for Labelling Origin of Replication Sequences
Urminder Singh, Sucheta Chouhan, A Krishnamachari and Lovekesh Vig

14:50 Anomaly Detection in ECG Time Signals through Long Short-Term Memory based Recurrent Neural Network Architecture
Sucheta Chauhan and Lovekesh Vig

15:05 Predicting Online Video Engagement Using Clickstreams
Everaldo Aguiar, Saurabh Nagrecha and Nitesh Chawla

15:20 - 16:25 Parallel Sessions
S4R1 Recommendation and Advertising

15:20 From One Star to Three Stars: Upgrading Legacy Open Data Using Crowdsourcing (L)
Satoshi Oyama, Yukino Baba, Ikki Ohmukai, Hiroaki Dokoshi and Hisashi Kashima

15:40 An Approach to Cover More Advertisers in Adwords (S)
Amar Budhiraja and P. Krishna Reddy

15:55 Learning From Missing Data Using Selection Bias in Movie Recommendation (S)
Claire Vernade and Olivier Cappé

16:10 An Accurate Rating Aggregation Method for Generating Item Reputation (S)
Ahmad Abdel-Hafez, Yue Xu and Audun Jøsang

S4R2 Risk and Reliable Prediction

15:20 The NIST Data Science Program (L)
Bonnie J. Dorr, Craig Greenberg, Peter Fontana, Mark Przybocki, Marion Le Bras, Cathryn Ploehn, Oleg Aulov, Martial Michel, E. Jim Golden and Wo Chang

15:40 Predictive Reliability Mining for Early Warnings in Populations of Connected Machines (S)
Karamjit Singh, Gautam Shroff and Puneet Agarwal

15:55 Towards Predictable and Risk-Free Enterprise Systems (S)
Mayank Shrivastava, Maitreya Natu and Vaishali Sadaphal

16:10 Reliable Predictions under Concept Drift: the Droplets Algorithm (S)
Pierre-Xavier Loeffel, Christophe Marsala and Marcin Detyniecki

S4R3 SS Big Behavioral Data Analytics 2 (BBDA)

15:20 Profit Maximizing Logistic Regression Modeling for Customer Churn Prediction
Eugen Stripling, Seppe Vanden Broucke, Katrien Antonio, Bart Baesens and Monique Snoeck

15:35 Inferring User Activities from Spatial-Temporal Data in Mobile Phones
Gunarto Sindoro Njoo, Xiao Wen Ruan, Kuo-Wei Hsu and Wen-Chih Peng

15:50 Tracking the Evolution of Community Structures in Time-Evolving Social Networks
Etienne Gael Tajeuna, Mohamed Bouguessa and Shengrui Wang

16:05 Mining Relationships in Learning-oriented Social Networks
María Estrella Sousa Vieira, Jose Carlos López Ardao, Manuel Fernández Veiga, Miguel Rodríguez Pérez and Cándido López García

16:25 - 16:45 Coffee Break
16:45 - 18:45 Special Session: Trends & Controversies in Data Science (TCDS) - Invited Talks

Eric Moulines, Professor Institut Télécom / Télécom ParisTech (ENST)
Michael Natusch, Senior Director Data Science EMEA | Pivotal
Florent Perronnin, Research Scientist Manager, Facebook AI Research
J. Sullivan, J. Degrave, Booz Allen Hamilton
Gautam Shorff, Vice-President and Chief Scientisit, TCS Innovation Labs
Ganapathy Subramanian, Vice President & Unit Technology Officer – Big Data & Analytics, Infosys
19:00-21:00 Cocktail Reception (partly sponsored by IEEE Computational Intelligence Society)
Tuesday 20th Oct 2015
8:30-9:30 Keynote Speech (3) - The multi-facets of a data science project to answer: how are organs formed?
Bin Yu, University of California at Berkeley
9:30-10:30 Parallel Sessions
S5R1 Network Analysis

9:30 The Layered Structure of Company Share Networks (L)
Andrea Romei, Salvatore Ruggieri and Franco Turini

9:50 A Time-Varying Graph Unifying Model (S)
Klaus Wehmuth, Artur Ziviani and Eric Fleury

10:05 Sensor Network Partitioning based on Homogeneity (S)
Yi Xu, Zhongfei Zhang, Yaqing Zhang and Philip S. Yu

S5R2 Data Reduction and Factorization

9:30 Selecting Representative Instances from Datasets (L)
Hamid Mirisaee, Ahlame Douzal and Alexandre Termier

9:50 Improved Algorithms for Exact and Approximate Boolean Matrix Decomposition (L)
Yi Sun, Shiwei Ye, Yuan Sun and Tsunehiko Kameda

10:10 Modeling Recurrent Distributions in Streams Using Possible Worlds (S)
Michael Geilke, Andreas Karwath and Stefan Kramer

S5R3 SS Environmental and Geo-spatial Data Analytics (EnGeoData) 1

9:30 Constrained Spectral Clustering for Regionalization: Exploring the Trade-off between Spatial Contiguity and Landscape Homogeneity
Shuai Yuan, Pang-Ning Tan, Kendra Spence Cheruvelil, Sarah M. Collins and Patricia A. Soranno

9:45 Multifactorial Uncertainty Assessment for Monitoring Population Abundance using Computer Vision
Emma Beauxis-Aussalet and Lynda Hardman

10:00 Detection, Tracking, and Visualization of Spatial Event Clusters for Real Time Monitoring
Natalia Andrienko, Gennady Andrienko, Georg Fuchs, Salvatore Rinzivillo and Hans-Dieter Betz

10:15 Big Data from Cellular Networks: How to Estimate Energy Demand at real-time
Davide Tosi, Stefano Marzorati, Mario La Rosa, Giovanna Dondossola and Roberta Terruggia

10:30-10:50 Coffee Break
10:50 - 12:20 Parallel Sessions
S6R1 Manifolds and Metric Learning

10:50 Information Preserving and Locally Isometric&Conformal Embedding via Tangent Manifold Learning (S)
Alexander Bernstein, Alexander Kuleshov and Yury Yanovich

11:05 The HIM Glocal Metric and Kernel for Network Comparison and Classification (S)
Giuseppe Jurman, Roberto Visintainer, Michele Filosi, Samantha Riccadonna and Cesare Furlanello

11:20 Learning Hyperparameter Optimization Initializations (S)
Giuseppe Jurman, Roberto Visintainer, Michele Filosi, Martin Wistuba, Nicolas Schilling and Lars Schmidt-Thieme

11:35 Fast and User-friendly Non-linear Principal Manifold Learning by Method of Elastic Maps (S)
Andrei Zinovyev and Alexander Gorban

11:50 Efficient Metric Learning for the Analysis of Motion Data
Babak Hosseini and Barbara Hammer

12:05 Modeling Temporal Dependencies in Data Using a DBN-LSTM (S)
Raunaq Vohra, Kratarth Goel and J. K. Sahoo

S6R2 Behavioral Data Analysis

10:50 Behavioral Entropy and Profitability in Retail (L)
Riccardo Guidotti, Michele Coscia, Dino Pedreschi and Diego Pennacchioli

11:10 Discovering Characterizing Regions For Consumer Products (L)
Shashwat Mishra, Vincent Leroy and Sihem Amer-Yahia

11:30 The Harsh Rule of the Goals”: Big Data Analytics and Football Team Success (S)
Paolo Cintia, Luca Pappalardo, Dino Pedreschi, Fosca Giannotti and Marco Malvaldi

11:45 When Cyberathletes Conceal Their Game: Clustering Confusion Matrices to Identify Avatar Aliases (S)
Olivier Cavadenti, Victor Codocedo, Jean-Francois Boulicaut and Mehdi Kaytoue

12:00 Data Science Foundry for MOOCs (S)
Sebastien Boyer, Ben U. Gelman, Benjamin Schreck, Kalyan Veeramachaneni

S6R3 SS Emotion and Sentiment in Intelligent Systems and Big Social Data Analysis (SentISData)

10:50 Sentiment Analysis as a Text Categorization Task: A Study on Feature and Algorithm Selection for Italian Language
Berardina Nadja De Carolis, Stefano Ferilli, Domenico Redavid and Floriana Esposito

11:05 Debate on Political Reforms in Twitter: A Hashtag-driven Analysis of Political Polarization
Cristina Bosco, Mirko Lai, Patti Viviana and Daniela Virone

11:20 Hot Spot Detection - an Interactive Cluster Heat Map for Sentiment Analysis
Patrick Hennig, Philipp Berger, Maximilian Brehm, Bastien Grasnick, Jonathan Herdt and Christoph Meinel

11:35 Monitoring the Twitter sentiment during the Bulgarian elections
Jasmina Smailovic, Janez Kranjc, Miha Grcar, Martin Znidarsic and Igor Mozetic

11:50 Using Emotions to Predict User Interest Areas in Online Social Networks
Yoad Lewenberg, Yoram Bachrach and Svitlana Volkova

12:05 Detecting Irony and Sarcasm in Microblogs: The Role of Expressive Signals and Ensemble Classifiers
Elisabetta Fersini, Federico Alberto Pozzi and Enza Messina

12:20 - 13: 20 Lunch
13:20 - 14:20 Industry Invited Talks
Sentiment Analysis of Facebook Data using Hadoop based Open Source Technologies
Sudipto Shankar Dasgupta, Swaminathan Natarajan, Kiran Kumar Kaipa, Sujay Bhattacherjee, Arun Viswanathan and Sairam Yeturi

Invited Talk: TBA
JD Dulny,    Booz Allen Hamilton
A. Saxena,    Tata Consultancy Services
14:20 - 15:20 Parallel Sessions
S7R1 Databases

14:20 TSMH Graph Cube: A Novel Framework for Large Scale Multi-Dimensional Network Analysis (L)
Pengsen Wang, Bin Wu and Bai Wang

14:40 A Mining Based Approach for Efficient Enumeration of Algebraic Structures (L)
Majid Khan, Nazeeruddin Mohammad, Shahabuddin Muhammad and Asif Ali

15:00 FACTORBASE: Multi-Relational Structure Learning with SQL All The Way (L)
Zhensong Qian and Oliver Schulte

S7R2 Text Mining

14:20 A Text Clock Context Informations based Multiple Web Contents Extraction (S)
Wonmoon Song and Myungwon Kim

14:35 LDA Based Semi-supervised Learning from Streaming Short Text (S)
Ji-De Chen and Hung-Yu Kao

14:50 A Context-Aware Approach to Detection of Short Irrelevant Texts (S)
Sihong Xie, Jing Wang, Mohammad S Amin, Baoshi Yan, Anmol Bhasin, Philip S Yu and Clement T Yu

15:05 Document Similarity Analysis via Involving Both Explicit and Implicit Semantic Relatedness (S)
Qianqian Chen, Liang Hu, Jia Xu, Wei Liu and Longbing Cao

S7R3 SS Environmental and Geo-spatial Data Analytics (EnGeoData) 2

14:20 Traffic Risk Mining from Heterogeneous Road Statistics
Koichi Moriya, Shin Matsushima and Kenji Yamanishi

14:35 Learning Urban Users' Choices to Improve Trip Recommendations
Boris Chidlovskii

14:50 RIMM: A Novel Map Matching Model With Rotational Invariance
Junpeng Bao, Yuepeng Zhang, Qian Cao, Jun Zeng and De Zhang

15:05 Assistive Classification for Improving the Efficiency of Avian Species Richness Surveys
Liang Zhang, Michael Towsey, Phil Eichinski, Jinglan Zhang and Paul Roe

15:20 - 15:40 Coffee Break
15:40 - 17:10 Panel on New Challenges in Data Science (Jointly Held with IEEE Big Data Initiative)
17:10 - 18:25 Parallel Sessions
S8R1 Machine Learning

17:10 Learning Better while Sending Less: Communication-Efficient Online Semi-Supervised Learning in Client-Server Settings (L)
Han Xiao, Shou-De Lin, Mi-Yen Yeh, Phillip Gibbons and Claudia Eckert

17:30 EXP3 with Drift Detection for the Switching Bandit Problem (L)
Robin Allesiardo and Raphaël Féraud

17:50 Beyond Two-sample-tests: Localizing Data Discrepancies in High-dimensional Spaces (L)
Frederic Cazals and Alix Lhéritier

18:10 A Clustered Multitask Learning for Predicting Bleeding and other Perioperative Outcomes (S)
Che Ngufor, Sudhindra Upadhyaya, Dennis Murphree, Daryl Kor and Jyotishman Pathak

S8R2 Pattern Mining

17:10 P-N-RMiner: A Generic Framework for Mining Interesting Structured Relational Patterns (L)
Jefrey Lijffijt, Eirini Spyropoulou and Tijl De Bie

17:30 Exploring Distributed RDF Resources using Formal Concept Analysis (S)
Mehwish Alam and Amedeo Napoli

17:45 Cohesion Based Co-location Pattern Mining (S)
Cheng Zhou, Boris Cule and Bart Goethals

18:00 Mining Actionable Combined Patterns Satisfying Both Utility and Frequency Criteria (S)
Jingyu Shao, Junfu Yin, Wei Liu and Longbing Cao

S8R3 S Big Data, Distributed Technologies and Intelligent Agents (BDIA) + Data Oriented Constructive Mining and Multi-Agent Simulation (DOCMAS)

17:10 Data-driven Semantic Concept Analysis for Automatic Actionable Ontology Design
Vladimir Gorodetsky and Olga Tushkanova

17:25 MapReduce-based K-Prototypes Clustering Method for Big Data
Mohamed Aymen Ben Hajkacem, Chiheb Eddine Ben N’cir and Nadia Essoussi

17:40 Cluster-Based Data Oriented Hashing
Sanaa Chafik, Imane Daoudi, Mounim A. El Yacoubi and Hamid El Ouardi

17:55 Error Detection of Oceanic Observation Data Using Sequential Labeling
Satoshi Ono, Haruki Matsuyama, Ken-Ichi Fukui and Shigeki Hosoda

20:00 Gala Dinner
Wednesday 21st Oct 2015
8:30-10:00 Parallel Sessions
S9R1 Tutorial 1

P. Richtarik - Randomized Methods for Big Data: from Linear Systems to Optimization
S9R2 Tutorial 2

G. Röth - NVIDIA’s platform for Deep Neural Networks (DNN)
S9R3 Tutorial 3

J. Neville - Collective Classification in Large-Scale Networks
10:00-10:20 Coffee Break
10:20 - 11:20 Parallel Sessions
S10R1 Social Data Analysis 1

10:20 Nonparametric Discovery of Online Mental Health-Related Communities (L)
Bo Dao, Thin Nguyen, Svetha Venkatesh and Dinh Phung

10:40 Hiring Decisions Based On Social Network Profiles: Data Mining Judgements To Identify Key Factors (S)
Yoram Bachrach

10:55 A Model-Based Approach for Identifying Spammers in Social Networks (S)
Farnoosh Fathaliani and Mohamed Bouguessa

S10R2 Mobility Data Analysis 1

10:20 A Mixture Model Clustering Approach for Temporal Passenger Pattern Characterization in Public Transport (L)
Anne-Sarah Briand, Etienne Côme, Mohamed Khalil El Mahrsi and Latifa Oukhellou

10:40 Evaluating and Predicting Energy Consumption of Data Mining Algorithms on Mobile Devices (L)
Carmela Comito and Domenico Talia

11:00 Hermes_sem: a Semantic-aware Framework for the Management and Analysis of our LifeSteps (L)
Nikos Pelekis, Stylianos Sideridis and Yannis Theodoridis

S10R3 SS Statistical and Mathematical Tools for Data Science (SMTDS) 1

10:20 Constrained Independence for Detecting Interesting Patterns
Thomas Delacroix, Ahcène Boubekki, Philippe Lenca and Stéphane Lallich

10:35 A Ranking-based approach for Hierarchical Classification
Azad Naik and Huzefa Rangwala

10:50 A Combination of CUSUM-EWMA for Anomaly Detection in Time Series Data
Vyron Christodoulou and Yaxin Bi

11:05 Multi-Target Regression from High-Speed Data Streams with Adaptive Model Rules
João Duarte and João Gama

11:20 - 12:20 Parallel Sessions
S11R1 Social Data Analysis 2

11:20 Dynamics of Multi-Campaign Propagation in Online Social Networks (S)
Thejaswi M, Sriniketh Vijayaraghavan, Avinash Das and P Santhi Thilagam

11:35 Quantification in Social Networks (S)
Letizia Milli, Anna Monreale, Giulio Rossetti, Dino Pedreschi, Fosca Giannotti and Fabrizio Sebastiani

11:50 Discovering and Tracking Influencer-Influencee Relationships Between Online Communities (S)
Belkacem Chikhaoui, Mauricio Chiazzaro, and Shengrui Wang

S11R2 Mobility Data Analysis 2

11:20 Scalable Extraction of Timeline Information from Road Traffic Data using MapReduce (S)
Ardi Imawan, Fadhilah Putri, Seonga An, Han-You Jeong and Joonho Kwon

11:35 IOHMM for Location Prediction with Missing Data (S)
Jiawei Hu, Yanfeng Wang and Ya Zhang

11:50 Random Walk Based Context-Aware Activity Recommendation for Location Based Social Networks (S)
Hakan Bagci and Pinar Karagoz

S11R3 SS Statistical and Mathematical Tools for Data Science (SMTDS) 2

11:20 Scalable Image Annotation Using a Product Compressive Sampling Approach
Anastasios Maronidis, Elisavet Chatzilari, Spiros Nikolopoulos and Ioannis Kompatsiaris

11:35 Graph-based Semi-supervised Learning for Time Series Classification
Zhao Xu and Koichi Funaya

12:20 - 13: 20 Lunch
13:20 - 14:20 Keynote Speech (4) - On information propagation, social influence, and communities
Francesco Bonchi, Research Leader at ISI Foundation, Turin, Italy, and Eurecat, Technological Center of Catalunya, Barecelona, Spain
14:20 - 15:50 Parallel Sessions
S12R1 Finance, Market and Analytics

14:20 A Talent Management Tool using Propensity to Leave Analytics (L)
Karthikeyan Natesan Ramamurthy, Moninder Singh, Yichong Yu, Jessica Aspis, Matthew Iames, Michael Peran and Qin Held

14:40 Financial Crisis and Global Market Couplings (L)
Wei Cao, Yves Demazeau and Longbing Cao

15:00 Sentiment and Stock Market Volatility Predictive Modelling - A Hybrid Approach (L)
Rapheal Olaniyan, Daniel Stamate, Doina Logofătu and Lahcen Ouarbya

15:20 Time Series Contextual Anomaly Detection for Detecting Market Manipulation in Stock Market (S)
Koosha Golmohammadi and Osmar Zaïane

S12R2 Feature Analysis

14:20 An Unsupervised Attribute Clustering Algorithm for Unsupervised Feature Selection (L)
Pei-Yuan Zhou and Keith C.C. Chan

14:40 Deep Feature Synthesis: Towards Automating Data Science Endeavors (L)
James Max Kanter, Kalyan Veeramachaneni

15:00 Exploiting Feature Relationships Towards Stable Feature Selection (S)
Iman Kamkar, Sunil Gupta, Dinh Phung and Svetha Venkatesh

15:15 Context Weight Considered for Implicit Feature Extracting (S)
Jie Chen

15:30 Mining High-Utility Itemsets with Various Discount Strategies (S)
Jerry Chun-Wei Lin, Wensheng Gan, Philippe Fournier-Viger, Tzung-Pei Hong and Vincent S. Tseng

S12R3 SS Exploratory Computing (EC)

14:20 IQ4EC: Intensional Answers as a Support to Exploratory Computing
Mirjana Mazuran, Elisa Quintarelli and Letizia Tanca

14:35 TESS: Temporal Event Sequence Summarization
Dominique Gay, Romain Guigourès, Marc Boullé and Fabrice Clérot

14:50 Succinctly Summarizing Machine Usage via Multi-subspace Clustering of Multi-sensor Data
Sarmimala Saikia, Gautam Shroff, Puneet Agarwal and Ashwin Srinivasan

15:50-16:10 Coffee Break
16:10-16:40 IEEE DSAA'2016 Welcome & Closing Party